Errol Hendrickse

My Practice

I know from personal experience that asking for help is not always an easy step to take. The prospect of sharing your thoughts and feelings with a stranger is quite a leap of faith, and if you have not experienced psychotherapy before you may be wondering what to expect. 

We have all made mistakes in our lives, or found ourselves in situations that are beyond our control.  I will help you explore your past experiences and relationships, so you can discover a fresh perspective on the obstacles that hold you back.  While this might sometimes feel challenging, my purpose is to lead and support you through the process so you can step towards a brighter future.

These are some of the issues I deal with regularly in my therapeutic practice:

Depression and general anxiety
Low self-esteem and shame
Health and social anxieties including Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
Substance abuse and addiction
Eating disorders and self harm
Relationship issues
Couples therapy
Sexuality and gender identity
Support for life changing events or chronic illness

No matter what issues you are currently facing, if you are over 18 and looking for psychotherapy or counselling in the Hertfordshire or North London areas, do get in touch.