How do I get started?
When you contact me, I will arrange an initial session, to talk about your issues and why you are seeking therapy. During this session we will agree the best course of action for your needs, and establish protocols and boundaries for our future sessions.

How long should I plan to have therapy?
Many issues can be dealt with successfully in short-term therapy, which typically comprises 12 sessions. Some people who are dealing with deep-rooted problems are better served by long-term therapy, which is open-ended. We will discuss that choice during our initial session.

How often should I have therapy?
Therapy generally requires weekly sessions to allow our relationship to develop and for you to see the benefits. Some people may require increased frequency, and I am happy to work in this way if it is something we discuss and agree.

How long does a session last?
A standard therapy session is one hour, but that includes the therapist’s preparation and completion time. We will see each other face-to-face for 50 minutes, starting from the time of your appointment. Face-to-face sessions for couples last 1 hour 20 minutes.

What can I expect from our weekly sessions?
Your sessions are a safe space for you to engage in dialogue about the issues that are troubling you, explore your thoughts and feelings, and discover your potential for a happier, healthier life.

How do I pay for my sessions?
Current UKCP guidelines state that you can only pay me by bank transfer. You can either pay me after each session, or I can invoice you on a monthly basis.

Do I pay for sessions that I miss or cancel?
Once we have agreed to work together, we fix a day and a time in the week which is then blocked out specifically for you. You would need to pay for each session whether you attend it or not.

How does couples therapy work?
Most couples therapists will see the couple every week. However, I believe that each party needs their own time to talk about issues that they may be experiencing within the partnership. I work in a three-week cycle, in which I do a week with each partner in turn followed by a week with both together.

Can I have sessions online?
Yes you can, although I prefer to work face-to-face, and will always recommend this. However, during the Covid crisis, we can either choose to work online, or meet face-to-face if we adhere to the current UKCP guidelines on Covid safety.