Errol Hendrickse

Frequently Asked Questions 

What is an initial session? 

An initial session is an assessment where  we talk about what brings you to therapy. This is also the perfect opportunity for us to meet and establish a connection and decide if we want to work together. 

What can I expect from a regular session? 

Sessions are not prescriptive in nature, we engage in a discussion about what is troubling you. It is important you allow yourself to talk in a free, unedited way, however socially unacceptable your thoughts and feelings might be. 

Do I pay for missed or cancelled sessions? 

Once we agree to work together, a fixed time is allocated for your session. This is your time and therefore you would need to pay for your session whether you attend it or not. You do not have to pay for sessions I cannot offer you. If you notify me in advance for sessions that you know you will be unable to attend, I will do my best to offer you an alternative time but this depends on current availability. 

How regular do the sessions need to be? 

Generally therapy requires weekly sessions for our relationship to develop and for you to see some benefits. Some people may require an increased frequency and I am happy to work in this way if this is something we both agree and discuss. 

How does couples therapy work?

Most couples therapy will see the couple every week – however, I believe that each party needs their own time to talk about issues that they may be experiencing within the partnership. I work with a three week cycle whereby we do 2 weeks of 1:2:1 sessions and 2 weeks of couples process.